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Today is one of those gray days that make me feel a little melancholy. For me, a day without sunshine looks like the world is mad.

My heart is sore right now. As a person who loves Jesus unequivocally, I'm sensitive to attacks against the body of Christ. Whether true or not, I hate it when situations arise that make people -- especially unbelievers -- look at Christians like we're crazy.

And I'm hurting because of what's currently going on in Atlanta with Bishop Eddie Long. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing about it, here's the link to CNN. In a nutshell, three young men are alleged that the good Bishop coerced them into having sex with them.

I'm not going to go into anyone's guilt or innocence. It's not my place to do so, and since I believe what the Bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:22 (Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm), I'm keeping my mouth shut. However, I can't deny how I feel. It's hurtful to me b…

An Update

My homie went to meet Jesus today. No matter how sad I am, I know that God does all things well. That's enough to keep me from going off the deep end. I also know he's not suffering anymore.

My fav homie lived, loved, and laughed to the fullest from September 29th, 1971 until this day, September 8th, 2010. I'm gonna miss him tremendously. Please pray for his family...

A Lesson Before Dying

I just received the news that one of my friends from high school is dying. His second transplanted liver has failed him, and the doctors have given up on him. Now, the only way he can stay in the land of the living is by a miracle...(and yes, I do believe in them.) He's 38.

Of all my classmates that have died, I know I'll take this one the hardest. Why? For one, he's a cool dude who didn't mind telling me letting me in on The Secret Lives of Men. When I was a broke college student, he and his wife -- who's also my good friend -- would make sure I was able to hang out with them in the manner to which I was accustomed. And when my mom made her big move to the city, he and one of his homies came and packed the truck.

What makes his impending death even sadder to me is that it could've been avoided. See, the reason his liver is failing him now is that he put it to work too early. He started drinking on a daily basis when we were in high school.

He used to car…