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Making Goodbye Easier...

I'm a firm believer in honesty. I like the idea of not having to remember any lies. While I don't say everything that's on my mind, I get a kick out of knowing where I stand with everyone and having them know where they stand with me. Maybe that makes me crazy, but it's certainly what makes me who I am.

Remember the guy I told you I was going to have to give the boot? Well, I need to update you on that situation. I let him know -- in no uncertain terms -- that there would be no penis between us. He said he'd back off, and I was glad. Now our relationship is strictly professional. He hits me up when he needs someone to produce segments, and he's been letting me go along when he conducts interviews for the documentary he's filming. Of course, I can tell that he still would like to weasel his way into my naked time, but he's playing it cool. It's a good thing, too, because it's never gonna happen.

With that being said, I was still shocked to find out…

Things That Make Me Say, "Hmm..."

1. Did anyone see how political the Emmys were this year? I know that Hollywood likes to comment on the state of the world, but even I winced a few times at how hard they were going at it. If John McCain was counting on getting any Tinseltown votes, they gave him a resounding "NO" Sunday night.

2. Why are the polls so close between Barack Obama and John McCain -- especially when it's obvious that the two men are so different? Are there really that many people satisfied with our country the way it is? Call me crazy, but if McCain voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, it's probably safe to say that he'll continue with the flawed policies of the current administration.

3. Campbell Brown is my new hero. Don't get me wrong -- I thought she was great at NBC, but she's absolutely shining at CNN. I thought she was great when she took a McCain staffer to task when Sarah Palin was first nominated. Now, her take on the sexist way Alaska's governor has…

Just Do It!

If you're regular reader of EFTDOAD, you know that I attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver. While I didn't have an official reason to be there, I thought it was important to be a part of such a historical moment. Fortunately, I went with three of the most well-connected ladies I know, and we were able to finagle our way into Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Call me crazy, but I never once thought I would go there and NOT get into the speech. I also never thought that it was far-fetched for me to go. I recently found out that I may have been the only one.

When I returned to my wonderful teaching job, I was recounting my experiences to my boss. As we talked about it, another co-worker walked in on us. I resumed my story, and the co-worker said, "You when to the DNC? How did you get to go?" I gave him that "are you kidding me?" look and said, "Uh, I bought a ticket and I went." His next question was, "Did you get into the spe…

My Take on "The Vixen Diaries"

I love to read. When I was a kid, I was always getting busted in the bathroom with a book. I like exploring other people's worlds via the written page. It's a habit I've managed to maintain despite many time constraints. Some of my favorite authors include Bernice McFadden, Eric Jerome Dickey, Maya Angelou, and E. Lynn Harris.

Having said all that, I took the time to read The Vixen Diaries by Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. (Before you start to question my sanity, I was doing research for an interview.) This second tome is a feeble attempt to extend the 15 minutes of fame afforded her by her first book, Confessions of a Video Vixen.

While Steffans' first book was a celebrity-infested memoir, The Vixen Diaries delves more into the psyche of a woman who would allow herself to be used by men. She's a bit more reflective this time around, but still unapologetic about her experiences. Ms. Steffans still hasn't exorcised the demons that drove her to participate…

No 9/11 For Me

It's the seventh anniversary of the September 11th terrorists attacks. People across America are commemorating this solemn occasion, and it's all over the news. It's not something I look forward to.

I was in living in New York at that time. Since I worked the graveyard shift, I was already home when those idiots decided to fly those planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. It was the one time I was grateful for my crazy hours.

The experience was so surreal that I didn't even realize how serious it was. It looked like a really bad movie as I watched it on TV. Even though I saw the towers collapse before my eyes, I didn't realize the gravity of the situation until a friend from Georgia called to find out if I was alright.

My family in Texas was worried, but I had already spoken to my mom and she let everyone know that I was okay. Since the Towers had so many cell phone towers on them, a lot of calls weren't able to come through.

Even though I was tired,…

The Word of the Day

The word of the day is uppity. According to Collins Essential English Dictionary, this informal adjective describes one who is snobbish, arrogant, or presumptuous. Those of us who grew up in the South know that when White people use the word, it's an insult meant to reprimand a Black person who dared to rise above their station.

Over the weekend, Lynn Westmoreland, a Republican congressman from Georgia, was asked to compare Sarah Palin with Michelle Obama. He said, "Just from what little I’ve seen of her and Mr. Obama, Senator Obama, they're a member of an elitist-class individual that thinks that they're uppity."

I find it interesting that the Obamas are getting labeled as uppity for being elegant, well-spoken people with Ivy-League educations. I would think that Cindy McCain's six million dollar-a-year salary, and John McCain's inability to remember how many houses he has would seem more arrogant, snobbish, and presumptuous.

Even though we hate to admit it…

Uh Oh...

Looks like the Sarah Palin baby scandal is only going to get bigger. Check out what AOL's Black Voices had to say on the possibility of Trig not being Sarah's child:

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska's Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin's daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months.

And there's more -- check out the photo...taken with Palin's daughter having a bulge in her stomach.

And even more. Since these rumors have begun circulating, the Alaska Department of State has taken down ALL PHOTOS…

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin...

Dear Sarah,

I'm no political pundit, but whomever wrote your speech really captured your homespun charm and wit. They made you look like the girl next door, a mother who's facing challenges that have befallen other American mothers. He or she really made you look good.

Unfortunately for you, you didn't look like a leader. Since your record cannot stand on its own, you decided to take potshots at a real candidate to throw the attention off of you. It's a strategy that your party employs well. Why should you be any different?

You said that because you weren't a member of Washington's elite, the media has attacked you. No, sweetheart, the media is attacking you because you're all wrong for the job. The Republicans have used you as the token woman, and you -- claiming that you only want to serve the American people -- have taken your place in the sunshine. I just hope someone has the good sense to bring you back in before you get sunburned.



Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...

Unless you've been under a rock -- or too preoccupied with Hurricane Gustav -- you've heard about the Sarah Palin scandal. To catch you up, John McCain's 44-year-old vice presidential choice and the mother of five is about to become a grandmother, thanks to her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol. It seems that "Pistol Bristol" is about five months pregnant and scheduled to marry her 18-year-old boyfriend. According to a statement from Todd and Sarah Palin that was released by the McCain campaign, Bristol, "came to us with news that we as parents knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned" and that their daughter "has our unconditional love and support. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi's privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates."

In addition, there are several rumors circulating that Trig, Sarah's youngest child, is really Bristol's baby.

Normally, I wouldn't care about Palin …