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Dear Mr. NextLove...

Dear Mr. NextLove,

Somewhere, God is getting you ready for me. You'll be able to love me in all of my glory and mess, and you won't judge me. You'll see who I am and what I'm worth.
No matter what things look like today, there will come a day when you will see me as your sun, moon, and stars. You will look at me, look for me, and look to me as your everything.
Mr, NextLove, I will see you and my heart will skip a beat. You'll be my hero, my love, and my heart rolled up into one. I'll stand united with you and I'll always have your back. I will be your peace, your sounding board, and your friend.
When it gets right down to it, I have a lot of expectations for you, Mr. NextLove. But know this -- I have a lot to offer you. You won't just get a pretty face. You'll get a woman of substance who knows what it is to be with and without, and I'll know how to walk with you through all of that. I won't be the bane of your existence. I'll do my best…