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An Open Letter to An Oscar Nominee

Dear Quvenzhané,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your Oscar nomination. You've done something at the tender age of nine that some women three time your age or more will never get to do. No matter what else happens in your life, this historic moment is something to be cherished.

Sadly, not everyone is able to celebrate with you. As I'm sure you know -- or will be told in your future -- sometimes being in the spotlight subjects you to people who aren't very nice. They aren't able to be as wonderful as you are, and it makes them feel bad about themselves. Rather than working toward being good at something, they'd rather insult you and try to cut you down to their size. And because your skin is caramel-kissed in a world full of rosy-cheeked babies, you're going to be subjected to even more ugliness than you deserve.

If you're a typical child, you'll probably wonder why. Here's your answer: those of us who live in brown-skin are often berated…

Stop it Now

I'm in tears. Again. This time, though, the tears aren't for me. They're for another young person gunned down, another victim of the senseless violence that's so prevalent in our society right now.

This girl was 18-years-old and left behind a three-month-old son. Her little sister was busy listening to President Obama speak on gun control. Just last week, his wife attending the funeral of another bright young woman who was shot and killed in the streets of Chicago.

How many babies have to die before people get it? How many mothers will have to bury children long before they've reached their potential? How many families will have to suffer before something is done?

Please understand -- I'm not against people having guns. I understand and applaud the right to bear arms. However, you can't tell me that anyone who's not on the front lines of a war in some far away place needs to have assault rifles or magazines with 30 rounds. If you're a hunter, and yo…

On Jimmy, Corn, and Careers

In the immortal words of Jimmy, the cracker of corn, "I don't care." #RandomThought This is the sum total of how I'm feeling today. Let me tell you why...

When you work in radio, you get used to change. My current boss recently announced his resignation. That wasn't a complete shock. When he took the job six months ago, he made it very clear that his heart wasn't in the running of an out-of-control radio station. However, the chain of events that took place after were mind-boggling indeed.

The person they named to take his place has been with the company all of 20 days. Yes, that's less than a month. Even though New Guy was just named head of programming, his background is in sales. So how did he get the job, you ask? Well, according to the stories I heard, New Guy and the big boss have been friends for years. In fact, their wives are BFFs. It really goes to show that when it comes to getting ahead, it's not what you know, but WHO you know.

Even thoug…