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What a Difference a Year Makes...

I've always believed that revisiting a romantic situation that didn't work was pointless. There's always a reason things don't work out, and for the most part, those reasons don't change.

So why, I ask you, did I find myself at The Baby's house last night?

After our disastrous first date, I didn't really cut him off, but we didn't really hang out again. I would see him around town on occasion, and we'd text every now and then, but nothing major. Then I saw him on Monday, and there was something different about our conversation. He put his arm around me, and it felt good. Then, he was like, "You're looking good. What's up?" Next thing I know, he's asking me to hang out. I was kinda ambivalent, but I didn't rule it out. A few days later, he invited me to "chill" at his house. I probably should've said no, but I didn't. So I went. And I had a good time.

Now what?

It's been a minute since any decent guy paid a…