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Turning 30: What I Wish I'd Known

One of my good friends is about to turn 30. She asked me if there was any information I could share with her that I wish I'd known at that age. That question alone is one of the many reasons I love this girl. Here's what I told her. Please feel free to add anything you think I left out.

Turning 30 is a milestone in a woman's life. It's not the end. In fact, it's more like the beginning. With that in mind, here are a few things I wish I knew when I reached it.

1. Have standards. That means that there should be some non-negotiables in your life. If drugs/smoking/etc. go against your personal code of ethics, don't settle for a person who engages those things just so you can say you have someone.

2. You are worth more than the sum of your parts. Guys will praise you for your body, but keep in mind that you have a brain that works quite well. If a man can't come up with more than, "You so fine," keep it moving.

3. Sometimes it's good to be alone. If yo…