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One Day

One day...

I'll express my feelings to you

Without fear crowding out my words.

One day...

I'll know what it's like to hear your whisper

In the still of the night.

One day...

The love we feel for each other

Will overtake us in ways we never imagined.


It's all a fantasy that you may or may not share.


Am I too sheltered? Have I protected myself too much?

I find myself wondering about these things lately. Especially when I see my Facebook friends happily hooking up with one person, then another. Each time their faces reflect the joy that can only come from love, both giving and receiving. In my quest to protect my heart, have I missed out on that?

Although I've had my fair share of lovers, I haven't really dated much. And the guys that I've chosen to spend my vertical time with haven't always been sweet to me. Most times, they start off wonderful. I start seeing forever in their eyes. And then the sex comes. That's usually about the same time the clouds hit their countenance. Suddenly the funny jokes start to have an edge to them. Then, "Call me when you get home so I know you've made it," turns into "See ya."

I let a few of them hang on after then, but not many. And now I it necessary to hold on a little longer to get the love…