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Stop it Now

I'm in tears. Again. This time, though, the tears aren't for me. They're for another young person gunned down, another victim of the senseless violence that's so prevalent in our society right now.

This girl was 18-years-old and left behind a three-month-old son. Her little sister was busy listening to President Obama speak on gun control. Just last week, his wife attending the funeral of another bright young woman who was shot and killed in the streets of Chicago.

How many babies have to die before people get it? How many mothers will have to bury children long before they've reached their potential? How many families will have to suffer before something is done?

Please understand -- I'm not against people having guns. I understand and applaud the right to bear arms. However, you can't tell me that anyone who's not on the front lines of a war in some far away place needs to have assault rifles or magazines with 30 rounds. If you're a hunter, and you need that kind of firepower to kill an animal, may I suggest a gun class instead? Or maybe, you might need to come to terms with the fact that shooting just isn't a part of your skill set.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who thinks we need to have access to that kind of weaponry for recreational use is crazy. NRA, I'm talking to you. At this point, I'm very thankful that gun violence hasn't hit my family. But the reality is that it could. No one is immune. Not a one. That's why it's necessary to tell our legislators that enough is enough. Pass an assault weapons ban. Don't let the NRA bully you with their lies. Stand up and do what's right for the people.


Tiffany said…
I keep saying who needs an assault rifle to kill a deer?

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

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