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Things That Make Me Say, "Hmm..."

1. Did anyone see how political the Emmys were this year? I know that Hollywood likes to comment on the state of the world, but even I winced a few times at how hard they were going at it. If John McCain was counting on getting any Tinseltown votes, they gave him a resounding "NO" Sunday night.

2. Why are the polls so close between Barack Obama and John McCain -- especially when it's obvious that the two men are so different? Are there really that many people satisfied with our country the way it is? Call me crazy, but if McCain voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, it's probably safe to say that he'll continue with the flawed policies of the current administration.

3. Campbell Brown is my new hero. Don't get me wrong -- I thought she was great at NBC, but she's absolutely shining at CNN. I thought she was great when she took a McCain staffer to task when Sarah Palin was first nominated. Now, her take on the sexist way Alaska's governor has been handled has me leaping for joy.

4. Why is John McCain so afraid to debate Barack Obama? Yes, it looks good for him to want to suspend his campaign so he can help work on the legislation to get Wall Street out of the mess it's in, but the American public would be better served by hearing exactly what he has to say and how he stands on the issues. I personally think it's one of the many WMDs -- weapons of mass distraction -- that the Republican party is famous for.

5. While we're on the subject of Wall Street, can someone explain to me what's really going on? How did they get in this mess? Better question -- why should my tax dollars go to getting them out? I can't go to the government when I screw up my funds. What gives them the right to do it?

Okay...I feel better now. On to the next adventure...


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Just thinking ab…