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Here are a few of my thoughts, in no particular order, about the state of my world today...

1. The R. Kelly verdict -- I was very disappointed that R. Kelly got off, but not surprised. It took six years for the case to go to trial, and by then, no one really cared. Plus, he'd had at least three or four popular albums during that time.

The thing that made me mad about the R. Kelly case was that it seemed to condone violence against Black women. Let's face it -- if the girl in the video had looked more like Natalie Holloway and less like Tawanna Brawley, it wouldn't have taken all that time to send him straight to jail.

2. The Iowa flood situation -- I have to be honest, I haven't kept up with this story like I normally would. Being in California, where the weather never changes, makes you forget about storms, rains, and other inclement conditions. However, I bring this up because it's going to be interesting to see how the government will handle the situation. From what I can tell, it has all the makings of a Katrina in the Midwest. Since the people there look more like Natalie Holloway and less like Tawanna Brawley, I want to see how it unfolds.

3. The Celtics win over the Lakers -- Normally, I'm not a sports fan, but I will watch basketball. (I like the fact that you can see exactly what kind of guy you're getting. In football, they wear too many pads.) Anyway, after watching that pitiful excuse for a game, I just have one question -- why? Why did the Lakers travel all the way to Boston to have their hats handed to them? Why did they play like a bunch of brothers who were coached by me? And why were words like "defense" and "rebound" not present in the Laker vocabulary? Seriously, if I performed that badly at any of my jobs, my bosses would've shown me the door in three ways -- quick, fast, and in a hurry.

4. Father's Day -- Not a day I usually celebrate -- at least not with the man whose DNA I share -- but I had a good time with a friend's family this year. To all the men who've stepped up and taken responsibility for their children, I salute you. To the rest of you -- and you know who you are -- I have no respect for you.

I'm glad I got that off my chest! LOL


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