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Random Election Thoughts

I'm so extremely proud of our country. We did something I didn't think we would do -- elect a Black man as president. I could wax poetic on what it means to me, an African American, to see Barack Obama in the White House, but you already know it means a lot. I could say a few words on how wonderful it'll be to have a real live Black family in Washington, but again, that's already been done to death. In fact, there's really nothing I could add to the discussion that hasn't been heard before.

However...that won't stop me from weighing in on the most important event in my lifetime. Here are a few election quickies from the mind of MackDiva:

1. I was so proud of John McCain. Even though his own presidential dreams have been utterly and completely dashed, he was still very classy and eloquent in his concession speech. I also believe he meant what he said about working with President Obama. What struck me most was that if the John McCain of last night had been on the campaign trail, the outcome may have been different.

2. I think Tina Fey should be commended for her part in the demise of the Republican ticket. Not to take anything away from the wonder that is Barack Obama, but Ms. Fey's dead-on depiction of Sarah Palin was enough to make the country look at her and her qualifications a little closer. Can someone say cabinet jester, anyone?

3. Speaking of Palin, did you happen to see her face as McCain gave up his ghost? She tried to look strong, but disappointment was etched in her features, too. While I'd love to see her slink back to Alaska and out of sight, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for her.

4. My heart was bleeding for Barack as he made his victory speech. If you saw his speech at the DNC, you know that his tone was completely different last night. Yes, it was the biggest moment in his life, but I could see the grief in his eyes as he spoke to the crowd at Grant Park. Even though his beloved "Toot" wasn't there in body, I know she was watching his big moment and cheering him on.

And finally...

5. It's time for our country to unite, and we all have to do our part. Even me. When I went to the DNC in Denver, people were giving us all kinds of free stuff as we walked down the street. One of the stickers I got said, "Allergic to Republicans." Because I have a sick and twisted mind, I put mine on top of my laptop. Lately, one of my favorite things to do is to go to places with free wi-fi in my McPalin Country neighborhood and open up my computer. Even though no one's dared to say anything to me about it, one unnamed coffee shop cut off the power to the outlets. I had decided that I return triumphantly today with that "nice-ty" attitude afforded to me by my southern upbringing. However, the mother of one of my friends talked me out of it by bringing up Obama's message of unity. I removed the sticker and put it with my other campaign paraphernalia.

Okay...I'm done.


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