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The Bird and the Fish

I know that knowledge is power, but is it wrong not to want to know everything? Here's why I'm asking. While I love that Mr. Wonderful is knowledgeable about most things, I don't necessarily want to know that much. He, on the other hand, spends his time watching The History Channel so he can know everything. He then takes this knowledge and spews it out in every conversation he has.

When we first met, Mr. Wonderful's tendency to know everything didn't' really bother me. I loved that he could speak intelligently on any subject. However, as we've been together, I've been realizing that it's not fun to talk to someone who knows so freakin' much. There's no room for imagination or pondering. In addition, he tries to make me feel stupid because I don't know the same things he does.

One of his passions is movies. I think he's seen almost every film ever made, and can quote from them verbatim. In addition, he knows all of the actors, their life stories, and when they died. His other passion is music. Since he's been in the business since the early 70s, he knows everything about the singers, the writers, and musicians. He's so cold that he can figure out who's playing what instruments in pretty much any given song.

Again, I'm thrilled to be with such a knowledgeable human. However, I don't appreciate him lording his knowledge over me. It's so sickening to talk to someone who's forever making you feel like an idiot. That's so not cool to me. One of his favorite 'games' is asking me if I've heard this or that song or seen this or that movie. Of course, the item in question will be from either the '60s or '70s -- well before I was born or conscience of what was going on around me. When I don't know it or haven't seen it, he then gives me this, "I can't believe this," look.

Before Mr. Wonderful, I'd never really considered dating an older man. Now I see why. Different generations have different values and different ideals. And there's nothing wrong with that. However, when you have a person who has a need to feel superior, it can make for hours upon hours of frustration.

My mother heard a pastor say something that made me think. He said, "A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they live?" That's where I am today.


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