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Looking Back and Forward -- A New Year's Post

We've finally come to the end of 2008. If you're like me, I'm sure the year has gone by quicker than you thought it would. In fact, I'm actually pretty shocked at how fast we've come to this day. Looking back, this has been one of the most prolific years of my life. Here are a few notables:

1. Granny died. I never thought I'd face a year without her. I miss her terribly, but I know she's in a better place and that I'll see her again.

2. I moved -- twice! For the most part, I'm a pretty stable girl. Since I hate moving with a passion, I usually stay wherever I am. I lived in my Dallas apartment for three years, and my New York apartment for six. The fact that I've only been in Los Angeles 23 months and have already had three different apartments says something about this place.

3. I've been celibate all year. Since deciding that love -- or at least a very strong like -- would be a prerequisite for spending any kind of naked time, I've not known a man. Even though I'm not exactly happy about the situation, I really do feel that I've grown as a woman. I now realize that sex isn't a complete necessity, and even if it, I can go without. In addition, I'm valuing myself more and not squandering my "pearls" on "swine."

4. I've managed to keep a blog. Considering the fact that I didn't want one in the first place, this is a real accomplishment. I've been able to consistently document my life for the world to see, and I'm actually proud of myself for it.

What do I want in 2009? There are few things...

1. I want a well-paying, full-time job. I'm tired of trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay my bills. I'd like to partake in the stability that only comes in knowing from whence my help comes. I also want to find a permanent place to live. Even though I'm not really feeling Los Angeles, I'd be willing to settle here if I can get a good job with some benefits. Of course, I'll never cross New York or Dallas off my list. Right now, it's all about the cash.

2. I'd like to find love. At one time, that statement would've probably read, "I'd like to be married." Right now, I think I'd be satisfied to find someone who'll be willing to give me an honest love from the heart. I can wait for everything else.

3. I'd like to finally get the body I was born to have. Notice I didn't say I'd like to lose weight. Yes, that would be wonderful, too, but I think I've given up on being a size 4. Now I just want to look good both in and out of my clothes.

4. Finally, I'd like to see some of my dreams come true. I'm tired of living in a constant state of having my dreams deferred. I want my wishes not to be vain ones. I want to want something and know that I can have it -- no matter how far-fetched it seems to others.

Happy New Year, Everyone! May your 2009 be all you need it to be.


Anonymous said…
Hello MacDiva, Just found your blog and I must say I am enjoying reading your entries.....Wishing you a wonderful New Year.....T

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