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Like I said before, the grief over losing New Boo comes and goes. It was gone for a few days, but now it's back with a vengeance.

I haven't heard from him since Monday. That makes me so sad. I'm trying not to be, but I can't help it. I don't feel like we're friends because of all that's transpired between us. But I'm still concerned about him.

Honestly, I think he's probably found the next chick, which is why I don't rank high on his list of priorities. As painful as it is to think, knowing's probably true.

But here's my reality -- I'm not through loving him.

I've dated guys that I was through with by the time it was over. I had my emotions neatly packed away, so all was well when I left. Because of the way this thing went down, I didn't have that opportunity.

Now I'm out here...emotions flapping in the wind.

And please know -- I'm well aware that there's no going back once a man says, "I like you. I like doing things with you. But I don't want to be in a committed relationship with you."

I do get it. At least I do fundamentally.

But logistically, I'm not through with him. I haven't grown tired of looking at his face. I look forward to seeing him come in the door. I really miss that. I want to cook for him. All the habits I picked up with him, I want to continue those.

But I can't. Because he's gone. And I'm not through yet.

I have more meals to cook. More TV shows to watch with him. More Taco Tuesdays to enjoy.

I'm not through. But he's definitely through with me.

So I fight the tears as long as I can, and then I let them flow when I'm alone at night trying to understand why I'm alone again. How I can reconcile the fact that I put my all into something only to have it crash and burn again.

I feel like the kid who wants to play so badly, but has no one to play with. No one wants to be my friend, and I don't understand why. I'm a person like everyone else, but I'm destined to be alone right now.

And it hurts like hell. I wish I'd never given my heart. But I did. And now...I'm not through.


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Just thinking ab…


So...I finally unburdened myself to New Boo. I told him that I wasn't built for sneaking around and random treks down the primrose path to sin & degradation.

As expected, he told me, "I thought you wanted just to chill." Then he added -- almost as a smackdown, in my opinion -- "I'm not looking for any relationship. And you're the one who involved me."

He's right. I did. And now I can finally UN-involve him.

I'm not angry. I have no right to be. But I AM finally able to get a bit of closure. And maybe NOW I can move on.

Now the question of my life is...will I be moving on with My Teddy Bear, or on my own?

PS: I think the onset of my period caused me to be in my feelings.